Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week 2 at Maya Springboard

This week was a great week because we got to make our own characters out of simple Nurbs and polygons. I made a skinny and tall butler looking character. Next we had to make an environment for our characters. I decided to redo my butler and made 3 other characters. So my environment is about this victorian family who is looking to be wowed by these butlers. If they are not amused the butlers will have to jump to the pit of death :) (It's a little twisted, but my mind goes there...)
I worked a lot on this, had a lot of fun. Just another great week at AM!

这个星期我们在学效用3D 软件做一个非常减但的小摸特。然后给这个摸特做一个环境. 我的环境是看由男管家发笑的一个维多利亚女王时代的家庭。如果他们没有发笑男管家必须通过跳进自杀, 滑稽 :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Check this out!

Here is a student from AM that I have always admired. He's stuff is sooo great that I just can't stop thinking about how amazing they are. Check out his website and his mini reels for each class, they are nothing I have ever seen before!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 1 at Maya Springboard

Hello, today officially starts my journey at animation mentor! I had my first Q&A with my mentor today, it was great to meet everyone in my class and hear their voices. I have 4 classmates that are all from other countries which includes : Spain, France, Swindon! This week is basically meet and greet and the real work starts next week. I can't wait! By the way, I'm going to try to write in Chinese so my family in China could keep up with my progress :) This week we learned about the basic interface of Maya and our assignment was to use Maya tools to create and place different objects on a shelf that's provided by AM. It was easy, but was very helpful to understand how to move things around.

大家好! 今天是我第一天在我的3D动画学校! 我见 到了我的老师和同学,他们都是很好的人,非常高兴的人。我是为一在美国住的学生,其他的同学都是从外国来的。有的是从西班牙来的,有的是从法国来的。这个星期只是间面,下个星期我们开始正常的上课。我会每星期写下来我学校的进步 :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hello to all my people! So for the last few days I have been chatting with my future classmates on Skype. We got to know each-other a little better. I just found out my mentor for the Maya Springboard class as well as my classmates. My mentor is from the Netherlands, his name is Paul -Erik Trouwborst, he is an Animation Mentor alumni. I can't tell you how excited I am to finally start school. After graduating from college I have had about 3 month off and just don't know what to do with myself. I'm so use to doing homework 24/7, now I have time to relax I just want to get back to work. My mind works in mysterious ways... Anyway, I have my first Q & A with my mentor on Monday. I am ready to give it my best shot!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Art Works

A family portrait! My first attempt at digital painting, I thought it turned out good and gave it as a birthday present :)

I did this piece at the end of my last semester of college.
I would always say the expression :" this project is going
to kill me!" So I thought why not translate that into a painting
of myself being put under pressure and the end result
being all these wonderful, colorful creativeness exploding out.
The colorful explosion is made up of components from
my art projects throughout the semester. I was very happy
to have this piece as my last work of art for college.

This piece is my interpretation of a classic, I used my loved ones as inspiration.

This is a life size self portrait, it expresses both sides of my heritage, and my personality.

These are my very first Photoshop Pieces.

This is "Identity", it represents my Chinese heritage, takes me back in time to the ancient beauty of nature and the arts.

This is an interpretation of my view of the media and its impact on children now days. With more and more sexualized contents on television children are more likely to mature too fast and miss out on being a kid. Once a child's innocents is gone, there is no going back.

These two drawings are done with pen, I wanted to explore with pen and black and white drawings.

This is an ink wash of a female superhero I created. The assignment was to take a fellow student's spring break picture and be inspired by it. I ended up with a lot of picture of Miami and race cars, with all the sleekness of the cars I decided to do a comic strip inspired painting. This piece was huge!

These three paintings are done to show passage of time. I originally took a humorous approach, by using the parallel scenarios of hair loss and rise and fall of nature. As the project went on I discovered it's about more of an aging process.

These are mascots for an internship I had with They are little game enthusiasts transforming into little game zombies after a long night of playing.

Flash & Dream Weaver & Maya

Fallen Star (Flash)
Meng (Flash)
Son Of Man (Flash)
What If... (Dream Weaver)

Very 1st blog

Hello! Just set up my blog hope to updated it with my progress at Animation Mentor, can't wait!