Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Art Works

A family portrait! My first attempt at digital painting, I thought it turned out good and gave it as a birthday present :)

I did this piece at the end of my last semester of college.
I would always say the expression :" this project is going
to kill me!" So I thought why not translate that into a painting
of myself being put under pressure and the end result
being all these wonderful, colorful creativeness exploding out.
The colorful explosion is made up of components from
my art projects throughout the semester. I was very happy
to have this piece as my last work of art for college.

This piece is my interpretation of a classic, I used my loved ones as inspiration.

This is a life size self portrait, it expresses both sides of my heritage, and my personality.

These are my very first Photoshop Pieces.

This is "Identity", it represents my Chinese heritage, takes me back in time to the ancient beauty of nature and the arts.

This is an interpretation of my view of the media and its impact on children now days. With more and more sexualized contents on television children are more likely to mature too fast and miss out on being a kid. Once a child's innocents is gone, there is no going back.

These two drawings are done with pen, I wanted to explore with pen and black and white drawings.

This is an ink wash of a female superhero I created. The assignment was to take a fellow student's spring break picture and be inspired by it. I ended up with a lot of picture of Miami and race cars, with all the sleekness of the cars I decided to do a comic strip inspired painting. This piece was huge!

These three paintings are done to show passage of time. I originally took a humorous approach, by using the parallel scenarios of hair loss and rise and fall of nature. As the project went on I discovered it's about more of an aging process.

These are mascots for an internship I had with Gamezombie.tv. They are little game enthusiasts transforming into little game zombies after a long night of playing.

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  1. Awesome work Jane! Your really amazing at your art XD