Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week 2 at Maya Springboard

This week was a great week because we got to make our own characters out of simple Nurbs and polygons. I made a skinny and tall butler looking character. Next we had to make an environment for our characters. I decided to redo my butler and made 3 other characters. So my environment is about this victorian family who is looking to be wowed by these butlers. If they are not amused the butlers will have to jump to the pit of death :) (It's a little twisted, but my mind goes there...)
I worked a lot on this, had a lot of fun. Just another great week at AM!

这个星期我们在学效用3D 软件做一个非常减但的小摸特。然后给这个摸特做一个环境. 我的环境是看由男管家发笑的一个维多利亚女王时代的家庭。如果他们没有发笑男管家必须通过跳进自杀, 滑稽 :)

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